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How can I check on my commission?

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Online Booking Reports 

Log in to your account >  Reports .  Here you can generate reports based on date. Pick the start date and the end date. Please note that date range cannot be greater that 1 year and that data from before 2015 is not available in Viator's booking reports.

These reports may not match your remittance statement (see what is a remittance statement below). This is because the online report includes bookings that may have been canceled or amended by your customer. In addition, you can have reports sent to you via email on a weekly or monthly basis. You can estimate your commission based on your commission rate.

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Remittance Statement

When a commission payment is made, you will be emailed a remittance statement containing all the commission-earning bookings for that payment period.  Only applicable bookings will be contained in this statement and it will not contain canceled or yet-to-be traveled bookings.


In addition, a detailed commission report is provided with each commission payment and you can pick whether you prefer to have reports sent to you daily/ weekly/ monthly or if you opt out of this option.

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