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How to add SUBPUID?

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Viator Partner Program offers the ability to pass a URL-based parameter for marketing purposes. The parameter will show on booking reports and commission remittance reports.
You can use this function to track bookings from specific links or "sub" websites pointing to your Viator Partner site.

If you have multiple websites, we encourage you to use this function to track bookings by funneling all traffic to a single generic Viator Partner site. This allows you to earn commissions faster through one Viator site, instead of operating multiple Viator sites.

To track bookings using the SUBPUID function, the SUBPUID parameter must be added to each URL you use to link to Viator.
There is no set-up or admin setting for this function, it's always available for your use. You can use up to 12 alphanumeric characters as a SUBPUID (eg 123, ABS394900, 29292929, etc.) - Use any SUBPUID you would like, these are not Viator generated.

We do not validate or restrict any SUBPUID data, the function will merely pass what you enter into it.

Steps to track sales by use of the SUBPUID function:
1- Your Partner site's URL:
2 - Add the SUBPUID parameter '?SUBPUID=<parameter>' to each and every URL link you want to track as a sub-account.


3- You can also add the SUBPUID to deeper Viator pages if you link to those directly.


Note: Only one "?" is allowed per URL, if this exists in the URL use the "&" instead and then the SUBPUID.


4- The SUBPUID will be captured by the Viator system once the customer navigates from the current page. The SUBPUID is not displayed on the following URLs -but it will be tracked by the Viator system in the background.

5- The online booking report and commission remittance report will reflect the SUBPUID parameter by each booking (if added correctly to the URL).

IMPORTANT Information:
  • The system will only capture a maximum of 12 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers only, NO spaces, special characters or punctuation) used for the SUBPUID value.
  • If there is no SUBPUID value, or the URL parameter is mistyped, then the booking will not be referenced with a SUBPUID. It is vital you construct your URL correctly.
  • What happens if I do not add the SUBPUID parameter and it's value, or it's mistyped? The URL may still function, but the reporting will not capture the SUBPUID. Any bookings made will be referenced to the Partner (PUID) but without a Sub-Partner value.
  • This function is for tracking purposes only. Viator will only pay commission to the Partner (not sub-partners).
  • The commission remittance report sent to the Partner will display the Sub-Partner (SUBPUID) under the field 'Reference'.
  • The online reports that are generated through your partner administration site may not match your commission remittance statement. This is because the report includes bookings that may have been canceled or amended by your customer.
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