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Creating custom feature pages

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Custom Feature Pages work great for:

  • Highlighting your favorite or recommended tours: Our Favorite tours in London!
  • Displaying unique tours and products: All Segway tours, Sightseeing Passes, etc
  • Creating a list of tours applicable to your business: Fun Activities near our Resort Hotel
1. To build a custom page, start in the Viator Partner Admin and click on the Edit site >  My custom feature pages
Here you add a title of your feature page, subtitle, description and you can also add a photo

User-added image

2. Under "Step 2" you will search for tours and attractions based on a keyword and add them to your list

User-added image
After you have added the tours/ attractions you like, you can preview the feature page. If you are happy with the result, click on save and publish if it is ready to go live!

User-added image
When you click on our published feature page, you should see something like this:

User-added image

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