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How can I link to specific destinations?

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Many of our partners focus on certain destinations. For example you might have a website about Las Vegas and you don't want to show sightseeing activities in Peru. There are a couple options to highlight a destination or region using your Viator Partner site.

Viator divides the world into certain regions, sub-regions, and destinations. You can link to any of these options from your own website. In many ways, linking to deeper pages within the Viator Partner site can help with sales conversions; you are helping customer find what they are looking for faster than sending them to the Viator home page.

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Destination Website Example:

You have a website that focuses on Las Vegas. Instead of linking to the Viator Partner home page ( PUID___), it is best to link directly to the Las Vegas Things to Do page.

To get to that page, simply use the "Find Things to do" widget on your Viator Partner home page and search for USA and Las Vegas:

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This should lead to the Las Vegas "Things to do" page, copy the URL from that page - it should contain your Partner ID within the URL.  Use this URL as a link on your website. It's that easy!
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The Las Vegas "Things to do" page limits results to just Las Vegas items - including the Shop by category and Top Rated modules.

You can also use the Viator Partner site to search for category pages across a region, sub-region or destination.

Category Example:

Your website focuses on scuba in the Bahamas and you want to link to Viator's Scuba Activities in the Bahamas only.

Step 1: Search for " Bahamas" using the Keyword search bar on your partner site home page and select "Bahamas"
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Step 2 &3: On the Bahamas Things to Do page, select "Water Sports" under Shop by Category and then select "Scuba & Snorkeling."  This will return the "All Scuba & Snorkeling in Bahamas" page.

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Copy the URL from this page and use this as link on your site.
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Other options:

Widgets - can be used to show a single destination.

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