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How can I link to specific products?

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We offer a number of ways to obtain partner-specific links to Viator products. Along with an XML feed, we offer a new CSV feed containing all the current Viator product links along with some product content. These can be downloaded from within the Partner Admin Site (Marketing Tools => Links and Feeds)

However, if you want to link to just a couple of products then simply copy the URL of the product (or destination) page. As long as the URL contains your three or four digit PUID number, all customer sales from that link will be credited to your account.

Here is an example:

Lets say you want to put a Vatican tour link on your home page (ie. your own website, not the Viator home page).

Use your Viator Partner site to find the product page of the tour by clicking on any product name on the home page, search results or site module.

From the product page, you can copy the product URL. (Hint: Make sure to copy the entire URL and that it contains your Partner ID).
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Now simply add this product URL to your website via your website/blog editor as a link.
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