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How can I use Viator images and content?

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Viator has media resources available at our media center. The images and text on this page can be used in news articles, analysis and related reports about Viator. If you access and use this material, you agree that you will not:

  • Use the images in a way that suggests you have a relationship or partnership with Viator,
  • Modify or distort any of the images provided,
  • Use the images in a way that is in any way objectionable to Viator, or in a way that impairs the rights of Viator in its trademarks or logos, in our sole opinion.

We reserve the right to terminate your permission to use these images at any time. We also reserve the right to take action against any use of the images not agreed upon in these terms and conditions, or that infringes any of our intellectual property rights. Your use of these images does not confer any right, license, title or interest in any of Viator's service marks, trademarks or other material.

Viator also offers a number of ways to access product content, including product images. Due to licensing restrictions it is very important that Affiliates use marketing content, including images in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Affiliate agreement, including:
  • Never host/re-host Viator images content directly on your servers
  • Never alter Viator images in any way
  • Images are to be used for the direct promotion of the Viator product
  • Image URLs contained in the XML/CSV feeds or widgets are the only resources that can be used by Affiliates
  • Remember to use the image URLs on your website, and not the image itself
  • Copy & pasting Viator images is never allowed
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